Refund Policy

Thank you for trusting us to help you sell your motorcycle. Your Revtero experience and overall customer satisfaction are very important to us. Your happiness makes us happy.

To provide the best services possible, our refund policy is pretty simple.

We offer full refunds if you:

  1. Accidentally list the same motorcycle for sale more than once on the same day.

    This can happen if the device you're using refreshes and somehow duplicates your listing. Don't worry. We review all listings and issue refunds for any duplicate charges. If you believe that we may have missed your duplicate charge, please call or email us. We'll initiate a refund within 24 business hours.

  2. Did not authorize the payment.

    If your credit/debit card was used by an unauthorized individual to list a motorcycle you don't own, please let us know via email or telephone. We'll initiate a refund within 24 business hours.

  3. Were not available to verify your listing when we contacted you.

    If we're unable to verify your listing within 48 business hours of the date the listing was purchased, we'll issue a full refund and keep the listing inactive.

We don't offer full or partial refunds if you:

  1. Sell your motorcycle quickly after you list it for sale.

  2. Sell your motorcycle on a different platform or offline.

  3. List your motorcycle for sale and then decide to keep it.

  4. Forgot about your listing and/or haven't been responding to buyer inquiries.

  5. Are disappointed that your motorcycle has not sold as quickly as you had hoped.

  6. Want to appease your partner/spouse because they're upset that you spent more money on your motorcycle.

  7. Want to use the money to list your motorcycle for sale somewhere else.

  8. Have any other reasons not specified in our Refund Policy.

This is our official Refund Policy. No exceptions will be granted.

Thank you for your business. We look forward to helping you sell your motorcycle.

The Revtero Team