Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I buy a motorcycle from Revtero?

    Contact the seller directly, via private messages or telephone, to negotiate the terms of purchase, and take it from there.

  2. How do I contact the seller of a motorcycle I found on Revtero?

    You can inquire about motorcycles listed on our website by sending a private message to the seller or calling the telephone number on the listing. If you need additional assistance, please let us know.

  3. How long should I wait for the seller to respond?

    We recommend that interested buyers give the seller between 24 to 72 business hours to reply to messages and return phone calls. Most sellers will respond quickly. Every now and then, a seller may be on vacation or working a long shift. If you don't hear back after three business days, it's safe to assume that the seller is no longer interested in selling the motorcycle or it has been sold.

  4. How do I find out if a motorcycle is still available?

    Contact the seller directly. If you don't hear back from them within 24 to 72 business hours, it's usually safe to assume that the motorcycle is no longer available. If you need additional assistance, let us know.

  5. How do I contact the seller of an expired motorcycle?

    You can't directly contact the seller of an expired motorcycle, BUT we may be able to do it on your behalf. If you're interested in an expired motorcycle, please reach out to us and we'll try to contact the seller for you.

  6. How do I know if a motorcycle listing is legitimate?

    If the asking price is not too low, the seller is willing to speak to you via telephone and the terms of sale don't sound strange, the motorcycle listing is most likely real. If you're ever in doubt, let us know and we'll check it out for you. You should also search to check if the motorcycle is listed for sale anywhere else and if all the listings match. If you find the same motorcycle listed on multiple websites and none of the listings match, it's a big red flag.

  7. What is the safest way to pay for things online?

    Use an escrow service, which will protect your money in case there are issues with the transaction.

  8. Does Revtero offer financing?

    No. We are not a financial institution. Our website is a marketplace for motorcycles. The financial aspect of the transaction happens outside of our website and is strictly between the buyer and the seller.

  9. How can I ship a motorcycle?

    Motorcycles can be shipped anywhere in the U.S., Canada and most other countries. The most important thing is to find a shipping company that will properly ship the motorcycle and deliver it to you on time. Do your research or ask us for a recommendation. The shipping cost for most motorcycles is between $500 and $1,000 in the United States.

  10. What should I do if I think that a motorcycle listing is fraudulent?

    Report it to us and stop communicating with the seller until you hear from us. Do not send money to the seller who asks for money to "hold the motorcycle" for you.

  11. How do I know if a motorcycle's title has a lien on it?

    Ask the seller to show you the title, which will show any lien holders. You can also on the DMV website with the motorcycle's VIN, year, make and model.

  12. How do I buy a motorcycle that hasn't been paid off?

    Ask the seller for the name and contact information of their lender. Contact the lender to find out what their requirements are for paying off the loan and getting the clean title released to you. Find out if you or the seller will need to pay off the balance before the title is released.

  13. Can I buy a motorcycle on Revtero if I'm not located in the United States?

    Yes. You can buy a motorcycle listed on our website from anywhere in the world, as long as the seller is willing to sell it to you. If you're located outside the United States, you'll need to find out what taxes and fees will apply.

  14. How many motorcycles are listed on Revtero?

    We have more than 11000 new and pre-owned motorcycles listed on our website on any given day. Our active motorcycle listing counts vary, as more and more motorcycles are listed and sold daily.

  15. How long has Revtero been around?

    We've been helping dealers and consumers buy and sell motorcycles since 2010.


  1. How much is my motorcycle worth?

    The best way to determine how much your motorcycle is worth is to check the following sources: Kelley Blue Book, NADA Guides and our own Bike Price Report. Keep in mind that, as a private seller, you should set your asking price $500 to $1,000 below Kelley Blue Book and NADA Guides retail value.

  2. How long will it take for my motorcycle to sell?

    It really depends on the year, make and model of your motorcycle, the quality of your listing (photos and description), asking price and the time of the year. On average, it takes 67 days for a motorcycle to sell, but there are exceptions. In general, if you have a desirable motorcycle with nice photos and your asking price is competitive, it's more likely to sell quickly.

  3. How many people visit Revtero?

    More than 25,000 motorcycle enthusiasts visit our website monthly. Most of our website visitors are located in the United States and Canada.

  4. How many motorcycles have sold on Revtero?

    More than 100,000 motorcycles have been sold on our website since 2010. Motorcycles are listed and sold on our website daily.

  5. Will my motorcycle be auto renewed?

    No. We will not automatically renew your motorcycle listing. If you wish to renew your listing, you can do it from your account or by contacting us.

  6. How do I edit my motorcycle listing?

    You can edit your motorcycle listing as often as you'd like via your account. You can also contact our support team, and we'll gladly make the changes for you.

  7. How do I upload my motorcycle photos?

    You can upload your motorcycle photos via our website, or you can text or email them to us. Don't worry. We can almost always find a way to get your motorcycle photos from your device to your motorcycle listing.

  8. Can I upload a video to my motorcycle listing?

    Yes. We highly recommend that you record and upload a short video of your motorcycle running and all of its unique features. It allows potential buyers to get a better feel for what your motorcycle looks and sounds like.

  9. Should I display my telephone number?

    Yes. Motorcycle listings with telephone numbers look more credible and appealing to potential buyers. If you prefer not to show your actual telephone number, you can purchase one of our telephone numbers that will route incoming calls to your actual number.

  10. How can I tell if an interested buyer is legitimate?

    If an interested buyer asks questions about the motorcycle, wants to negotiate the asking price, wants to come to see the motorcycle in person and is willing to speak via telephone, chances are that they are legitimate. To learn more, check out our tips for detecting and protecting yourself from online scammers.

  11. How can I protect myself when selling a motorcycle online?

    You should most definitely read our Fraud Prevention Tips. In general, if something sounds too good to be true or far fetched, it usually is. Tales of military deployment, family tragedy and various sob stories are usually sure signs that the person is attempting to run some type of a con or scam. If in doubt, ask us.

  12. Can I sell my motorcycle before it's paid off?

    Yes. You should contact your lender to find out what their requirements are for paying off the loan and getting a clean title when the motorcycle sells. You should disclose in the motorcycle description that the motorcycle is not paid off and what steps will be required to get the title from the lender. In general, you'll most likely have one of these two options.

  13. Should I allow interested buyers to test ride my motorcycle?

    It's 100% up to you. If you feel comfortable enough to do so, you can. If you don't, you don't have to. You can offer to ride the motorcycle in front of the interested buyer instead letting them ride it. If you do decide to allow test rides, you should get the person's photo ID and keys to their vehicle.

  14. Where is the best place to meet up with interested buyers?

    In general, you should meet at a public place where you will not be alone with the interested buyer. Some of the best options are: DMV, bank, insurance broker office, office building parking, public library, etc. Meeting at a police station is not the best idea because it may make some people feel uncomfortable.

  15. Should I ship my motorcycle to another state or country?

    Yes, if you're certain that the buyer is legitimate.

  16. Is it safe to give out my motorcycle's VIN?

    Yes, you can disclose it in your motorcycle listing or give it out to interested buyers who may want to run a VIN check.

  17. What is the best way to accept payment from online buyers?

    Cash or use an escrow service. Sometimes, your bank may be able to assist you as well. If the buyer wants to pay with a cashier's check, make sure to contact the bank that issued it to verify the check. Also, contact your bank and ask them to help you verify the authenticity of the check.

  18. What should I do if I think I'm talking to an online scammer?

    Stop communicating with the suspected scammer, notify us and file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

  19. Does Revtero buy motorcycles?

    No. We are a motorcycle marketplace, where private sellers and dealers list motorcycles for sale. We don't own any of the motorcycles listed on our website.

  20. Does Revtero collect commission?

    No. We only charge a one-time listing fee per motorcycle.

  21. Where is Revtero located?

    Our corporate office is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, but our website can be accessed by anyone with internet access. Sellers all over the United States and Canada list motorcycles on our website.


  1. How do I sign up for a dealer account?

    You can sign up for a dealer account directly from our website or contact one of our Account Executives.

  2. Does Revtero require contracts?

    No. We have never required long-term contracts. All we ask for is a 30-day notice and that you settle any open invoices, if you wish to deactivate your dealer account.

  3. How do I deactivate my dealer account?

    Contact your Account Manager at least 30 days in advance and settle any open invoices.

  4. How will buyers contact me?

    Interested buyers will contact you via direct messages or telephone. Both are tracked and displayed in your dealer account. We can also send your direct messages to your CRM system.

  5. Will I have to update my inventory on Revtero?

    We'll do it for you. We'll work with your website provider to get an inventory feed that will be used to update your inventory on our website daily.

  6. Does Revtero work with my CRM system?

    Yes. We work with most major CRM systems.

  7. Can Revtero list my motorcycles for me?

    Yes. We do all the work to maintain your account and keep your inventory current. All you have to do is respond to sales leads.

  8. How will I receive my sales leads?

    Email, telephone and your CRM system.

  9. Can I have multiple account logins?

    No, but you can have multiple contacts in one account, if you wish to deliver leads to multiple sales people.

  10. Does Revtero track phone calls?

    Yes. Every dealer account is assigned a unique telephone number that tracks, records and transfers calls to the dealership.

  11. Will I receive a monthly progress report?

    Yes, a monthly performance report is published and available in your dealer account.

  12. How and when will Revtero bill me?

    You will be billed and your credit/debit card charged monthly. Your first amount will be prorated.

  13. Will I have a designated account representative?

    Yes. Every dealer has an assigned Account Manager.

  14. How many leads can I expect to receive from Revtero?

    It depends on your inventory, asking prices and location. We have dealers who receive 50 leads per month and dealers who receive 10 sales leads per month. In general, dealers who have better photos, more favorable prices and are located in more densely-populated areas receive more sales leads.

  15. What makes Revtero special?

    We are a niche website and a large marketplace for motorcycles. Everyone visiting our website is interested in buying or selling an motorcycle. There are no other distractions. motorcycles are our one and only focus. Also, we've been in the industry since 2010. We know what we are doing, and we go out of our way to provide exceptional service to both buyers and sellers.

  16. What value-added services does Revtero offer to dealers?

    We are always introducing new features and services to help dealers sell more motorcycles. All of them are listed in your dealer account. You can also reach out to your Account Manager to learn how to get the most out of your dealer account.

  17. Can I add videos to my listings on ChopperExchange?

    Yes, as long as they are included in the inventory feed provided by your website provider.

  18. Can I add videos to my listings on Revtero?

    Yes, as long as they are included in the inventory feed provided by your website provider.

  19. What can I do to get more sales leads?

    Take advantage of all of the features that come with your dealer account and remain consistent. A lot of dealers are really excited in the beginning, but start slacking off as time passes. Dealers that stay active and consistent are the ones who do the best on our website. They work hard, respond to sales leads as quickly as possible and are always looking for ways to sell more motorcycles.

  20. Can I pause my account during the slow season?

    Yes. All you have to do is contact your Account Manager. The account can be paused for a fixed amount of time. It will reactivate once the set period passes.

  21. Where do most Revtero visitors live?

    More than 90% of our website visitors live in the United States. The remaining visitors are from Canada, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom.