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Receive notifications every time the motorcycle you're looking for is listed for sale.

  • Tell us which motorcycle you're looking for.
  • We'll email you every time one is listed for sale on our website.
  • You can opt out when you decide to end your search.

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Buyer Alerts FAQs

Via email.
You choose if you prefer to receive your Buyer Alerts immediately (the moment the motorcycle you're looking for is listed), daily or weekly. You can also change your preference later on. The default setting is daily.
Remove them from your Revtero account. It takes as few as two clicks, and that's it.
Yes, you can make changes as often as you wish via your account.
No, sellers do not have access to any of your information. They can only see how many people have been alerted about their motorcycle.

How Revtero Works


Sellers list their motorcycle on our website


Buyers search our website for motorcycles every day


Both parties negotiate and finalize a motorcycle sale

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